split personality

Posted by Lindsay Reece on 3/8/2023

Head spinning around again I feel like I do this over and over again

Set me up for the kill of the century

Who would have thought the victim of my crime would have turned out to be me?

So far gone I just tune out the bullshit

If you ain’t making dollars ain’t no sense in talking bout nothing else

Sweet escape I made it again

Wonder if God gonna send me back to hell I can’t ever win

Steady losing yea yo bitch she choosing

Skip past me like naw fuck that loser

Fuck my life and everything in it

I’m too fly to keep being misrepresented

It’s a bird it’s a plane naw hell naw it’s Just me Redd and I’m doing my Thang

Stacking what paper I can

Ima see better days again

I can’t keep pretending that my life is improving it really is not I can’t help it but I have been doing so much overthinking and stressed about another motel room checking out at 11 damn I thought I was staying til tomorrow

It’s always check-out time at the Lil Inn on the end ima just go to sleep and hope that I don’t wake up and this will finally end

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