In the news #7

Posted by SButler on 7/6/2024

Corporate America is facing scrutiny daily it seems as we in a new era of enviornmental awakening. Whistleblowers in many engineering and medical industries are finally coming forward. On the chopping block this week is 3M. 3M is a global brand, and unfortunately has supressed the details pertaining to PFAS found in their products. Decades later and the truth is coming out. "Forever chemicals" which are PFAS, are dangerous for the human body and the enviornment. The end results relating to these harmful toxins could lead to organ disease and worst of all cancer. How did the truth come out? Well an employee was helping a writer in their search of a worthiwhile story and the studies deemed to be saddening. Blood samples were tested and results revealed evidence that these PFOS chemical produced by 3M was present. What we do not know is even more frightening in comparison to what is right under our noses. 


YouTube. (2024, June 27). Sharon Lerner - Investigating 3m’s use of Forever Chemicals | the daily show. YouTube.

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