Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas for a Florida Destination Wedding at Sunseeker Weddings 

Posted by CYNTHIA S on 7/6/2024

When attending a destination wedding at a beautiful Florida resort like Sunseeker Weddings, you might be wondering what gift would be both appropriate and memorable. Here are some thoughtful ideas that complement the tropical setting and destination wedding experience: 

  1. Beach-Ready Gear 

  • Personalized beach tote bags filled with essentials like sunscreen, flip flops, and beach towels 

  • High-quality beach umbrella or portable sun shelter 

  • Set of luxurious beach chairs for the newlyweds 

  1. Florida-Themed Gift Basket Create a basket filled with local Florida treats and souvenirs: 

  • Citrus fruits or citrus-flavored snacks 

  • Local honey or jam 

  • Florida-made craft beer or wine 

  • Alligator-themed novelty items 

  1. Experience Gifts 

  • Gift card for a couples' spa treatment at Sunseeker Weddings' spa 

  • Voucher for a romantic sunset cruise 

  • Tickets to local attractions or theme parks for their honeymoon 

  1. Personalized Keepsakes 

  • Custom map art of the wedding location 

  • Engraved picture frame with Florida or beach motifs 

  • Personalized beach-themed wedding ornament 

  1. Practical Travel Gifts 

  • High-quality luggage set 

  • Travel organizers or packing cubes 

  • Dual-voltage appliances for international honeymoons 

  1. Water Activity Gear 

  • Snorkeling equipment 

  • Waterproof camera or GoPro for underwater memories 

  • Inflatable paddle boards or kayak for beach adventures 

  1. Tropical Home Decor 

  • Palm leaf or pineapple-themed serving platters 

  • Coastal-inspired throw pillows or blankets 

  • Framed tropical art prints 

  1. Customized Cooler A high-end cooler personalized with the couple's names, perfect for beach trips and picnics 

  1. Charitable Donation Make a donation in the couple's name to a Florida-based environmental or wildlife conservation organization 

  1. Honeymoon Fund Contribution If the couple has set up a honeymoon registry, contributing to their post-wedding adventures is always appreciated 

  1. Personalized Beach Gear 

  • Custom beach umbrella with their new family name 

  • Monogrammed beach towels 

  • Personalized beach bean bag toss game 

  1. Sunset Memories Kit Put together a kit for enjoying Florida sunsets: 

  • Insulated wine tumblers 

  • Portable bluetooth speaker 

  • Comfortable outdoor blanket 

Remember, when giving a gift for a destination wedding, practicality is key. Consider the couple's need to transport gifts back home and opt for items that are either easily packable or can be shipped directly to their home address. 

If you're unsure, it's always a good idea to check if the couple has a wedding registry. They may have specific items in mind that complement their new life together or their experience at Sunseeker Weddings. 

Ultimately, the most important gift is your presence at their special day in this beautiful Florida setting. Any additional gift that shows your thoughtfulness and consideration for their destination wedding experience will surely be appreciated. 



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