About Me..

A brief blurb about me, Wade. I’m human, so I’m flawed. But, I also learn and adapt. I’m a business owner, a family man, and a former athlete. Regarding business, I’ve grown back-to-back companies from little revenue to lots of revenue (10’s of millions of dollars) in short time horizons. Relationships are important and I’m really bad at them – you can ask my wife and immediate family?? I’m rarely satisfied which can be helpful and annoying all at the same time. I’m thoughtful, listen more than I talk, enjoy silence, love to learn new things, and appreciate meaningful conversation. Most importantly though, I love and care for my kids, hoping to help them learn to be themselves and avoid some of the landmines I walked into. Lastly, I’m working on giving more than taking, so if you need something don’t hesitate to ask.