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At Tropicana Las Vegas Weddings we want your wedding day to be flawless and we have a plan for that.

Our 5 phase plan was created to make your wedding day go smoothly, from start to finish.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase One


After arriving into town and checking into your hotel we ask that you do two things. First, we would like you to call us with your room number to confirm the details of your wedding. Second, you must go to the Regional Justice Center to get your marriage license. We cannot marry you if you do not have the marriage license!

You Must Get Your Marriage License in the State of Nevada.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Two


On the day of the wedding we ask you be dressed and ready, in your hotel room approximately one hour prior to your specified wedding time. At this time the driver will call you to tell you where and when to meet him. If you do not have limo service in your plan, we ask that you, and all of your guests, arrive 20-25 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please be prompt.

No matter where you stay be sure you account for traffic on the strip. [/caption]

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Three


When the two of you arrive to the wedding chapel, you will fill out some required documentation. Then the coordinator will present you with your flowers and introduce the two of you to your minister and photographer. As you go over ceremony details, your guests will be seated. When you are done, it is time for your ceremony to begin.

The Tropicana LV Weddings Garden Arbor creates a Picturesque Backdrop for your Ceremony.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Four



After the ceremony you will meet with the minister once more. Your minister will provide you with information on how to obtain the certified copy of your marriage certificate. If you have reserved a Photography Session, you will then be escorted back into the chapel by your Photographer to take photos. You will spend about 15-20 minutes with your Photographer (or longer depending on your Photography Session) after the ceremony has finished.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Five



 We want to make your wedding day as beautiful and enjoyable as possible, so it's important to familiarize yourself with your on-property timeline. Your reservation is scheduled for 30 minutes. The ceremony itself is about 8-10 minutes. The remaining time is used in taking your wedding photos, filling out your documents, and meeting with the minister and photographer. We will do all we can to make your wedding day perfect.


It's time to begin planning your Tropicana Las Vegas Wedding... Where our wedding day plan is sure to make your wedding day perfect.


To read the entire "Your Wedding" day plan, visit our site at http://www.tropicanalvweddings.com/about/faqs and click on the Your Wedding tab at the bottom of the FAQ Sections menu on the right.



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