Dale Quarterley

Gal Ratner

Dale, the privateer powerhouse, blazed a trail through the AMA for 13 years, snatching up four championship titles along the way. He wasn't just fast – he was legendary. Think back to 1988: Dale conquers the AMA Battle of the Twins, then doubles down with two AMA Endurance Championships.

But he wasn't done yet. This underdog joined forces with two championship-winning AMA Endurance racing teams – Lockhart Racing (1987) and Dutchman Racing (1989 & 1990) – proving his place as a team player.

1993 was his year to shine. Dale snagged a stunning 2nd place in the AMA Superbike National Championship with team Mirage. This wasn't just a podium finish – his historic AMA Superbike National win at Mid-Ohio (August 8th, 1993) crowned him the most successful privateer in AMA road racing history.

Let's face it, Dale is one of a select few non-factory riders to ever clinch an AMA Superbike race win.

In this episode, Dale doesn't just share those epic career moments – he spills his secrets and drops some serious riding wisdom. Get ready to level up!


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