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Edge Grip Podcast is a podcast that covers everything related to motorcycle roadracing, from interviews with industry experts and racers, to track days, racing news, and riding tips. The hosts, Gal Ratner and Nabil Kabbani, are passionate motorcycle enthusiasts who share their insights and experiences with the listeners. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran rider, you will find something interesting and informative in this podcast. You can listen to Edge Grip Podcast on various platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or their website.


Rev Up Your Ride with Edge Grip Podcast: Insider Tips for Every Motorcycle Enthusiast

Calling all motorcycle aficionados! Take your passion for two wheels to the next level with Edge Grip Podcast, your one-stop source for road and road-racing expertise. Whether you're a seasoned rider carving corners on the track or a weekend cruiser exploring the open road, Edge Grip Podcast has something to ignite your love for motorcycles.

Hosted by Gal Ratner and Nabil Kabbani, Edge Grip digs deep into the world of road motorcycles. Each episode features captivating interviews with world champions, renowned racers, and trusted experts in the field.  This dream team dismantles the intricacies of motorcycle riding, offering invaluable insights and practical advice for riders of all experience levels.

Shifting Up Your Skills:

Edge Grip isn't just about listening to impressive riders; it's about translating their knowledge into tangible skills for you. The podcast delves into a vast array of topics, including:

  • Mastering techniques:  Improve your cornering, braking, and acceleration through expert-guided discussions.
  • Track day insights:  Planning a track day? Gain valuable tips on preparation, strategy, and safety to maximize your experience. 
  • Road riding mastery:  Elevate your everyday rides with essential tips for navigating different road conditions, handling traffic, and maintaining peak awareness.
  • Machine marvels:  Stay ahead of the curve with breakdowns of the latest road and road-racing motorcycles, including performance reviews and comparisons.

Beyond the Technical:

Edge Grip isn't just about technical prowess; it fosters a genuine love for the motorcycle lifestyle. The hosts' infectious enthusiasm and engaging interviews create a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the thrill of the ride. You'll hear inspiring stories from fellow riders, race day recaps that put you in the driver's seat, and industry news that keeps you informed.

Find Your Edge:

Whether you're chasing lap times or chasing sunsets, Edge Grip Podcast empowers you to become a better, more confident rider. With its approachable style, expert knowledge, and entertaining format, Edge Grip is the perfect companion for every motorcycle enthusiast. So, gear up, tune in, and discover a world of riding knowledge that will take your passion for motorcycles to the next level.

Ready to find your edge? Search for Edge Grip Podcast on your favorite podcast platform and subscribe today!

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