Frequently Asked Questions

A blog is short for weblog and is an online journal or a collection of articles that can inform or teach and that is describing one or more topics of conversation and is updated regularly. Blogs are a collection of bold posts that are presented in reveres chronological order so that the recent and most updated post is the first post new readers see.

First select an idea, a topic you wish your blog to center around, for example: Food recipes or DYI Home Improvement, then post regularly posts about that topic. Your posts should be interesting and engaging such that your readers follow your blog and read new content as it is published. Your content should be unique and original.

On BlogCloud click the Start Your Blog button. Enter your information. BlogCloud will then ask you to add a blog name, description and a main image. Your image should not be copyrighted. Once you have opened your blog you can then add new posts to it by selecting New Post from the left menu.

BlogCloud is the best blog software to start with. It is fully hosted and free for personal use so you do not have to pay to publish your posts.

Engagement! A great blog post should be able to capture your audience and elicit responses and comments. Readers that read your entire post or article and then react to it are the best indication you had an impact with a great blog post!